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Senior Living Design Trends

23 Aug Senior Living Design Trends

Hillcrest Health Systems – Theater Addition – CLH Architects

As care is evolving in the senior living industry so are the spaces in which care is delivered. As new generations are entering the market for senior living, residents are requiring more than a minimal room with a low cost. The new generations are expecting a continuation of their lifestyle in a location they desire with good access to the community. They are wanting their new retirement communities to have many amenities like pools, gyms salons, social venues, movie theaters and connection to the outside environment. The traditional drab nursing home is no longer acceptable. A high level of care in a setting with the comforts of a home are now the benchmark.

 When planning your next senior living project a few ideas to consider, which help meet these heightened senior living requirements may include:

 Consider a more sophisticated and modern interior design with bold colors and abstract art. Floral, Victorian design is now being replaced with a more urban look.

The use of indirect lighting, soffits, crown moldings and wainscoting create a more homelike feel.

Spas with soothing music, soft lighting and aromatherapy are replacing the stark and cold bathing rooms. In resident suites large zero entry showers should be considered.

User customizable lighting controls as well as placing outlets higher up the wall make it easier for seniors with limited mobility to use and tailor their environment.

Use a more open floor plan with convertible rooms that can be used for several different functions from dining to activities. Floor Plans no longer need to be compartmentalized with single use areas.

Design continues outside. The incorporation of outdoor dining and seating areas, outdoor movie theaters and amenities that encourage activity like miniature golf, bocce ball, gardening areas, yoga spaces and walking paths are beneficial for quality of living and wellbeing.

Self service kitchen areas where residents can prepare meals with their families, host a social and help themselves to refreshments all create a sense of home.

Whether you are designing your senior living project from scratch or updating your current building, utilizing these trends will create a more inviting space that seniors will be thrilled to call home.

Hillcrest Health Systems – Theater Addition, Interior – CLH Architects