Calvin L. Hinz Architects | About
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Founded in 1968, CLH Architects is a nationally recognized architectural design firm and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business certified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE). We attribute our strength, growth and success over the last 50 years to our client-centric design approach and our commitment to design excellence and innovation. Our success is also due to the Midwestern ethics of integrity and support for the communities in which we work.

CLH Architects believes in environmentally conscious design.  We advocate for designs that inspire a community but also express a fusion of form and function. Our design process is a shared collaboration of client goals, industry experience, environmental stewardship, and community.


At CLH Architects, we believe that functional architecture and environmental sustainability can be intertwined, that a space can be formed by blending user metrics with the natural world.  We are responsive to enriching features such as how and when light enters a room, the way surfaces feel to the touch throughout the seasons, the effect of colors on human moods, and the calming properties of water and other natural elements.

We believe there is art in architecture, and the process of building is similar to a well-conducted orchestra. It is a collaboration among teams. The guiding vision stems from first understanding the mission, vision and goals of each client.


Thank you for considering CLH Architects for your next project. Our philosophy at CLH Architects is that you should feel that project ownership is firmly in your hands at all times, and the architect is a partner in bringing your ideas to life. We also feel the final design solution should intelligently conserve our planets natural resources. Great architecture comes to life through meaningful collaboration between you and the architect. Our work is only a success when you feel confident that your ideas were clearly understood and your project provides a positive environment for your customers, patients and staff.

–   Richard J. Onken, President

  Current Owner


–   Calvin L. Hinz, President Emeritus

  Previous Owner