Calvin L. Hinz Architects | Where We Work
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Where We Work

The following is a partial selection of projects in each of the states where CLH Architects works:


  • Los Angeles: VA – Seismic Project Book


  • Brooksville: VA – CBOC Design Revision


  • Marion: VAMC – Renovate Building 15
  • North Chicago: VA Lovell FHCC – Building 4 Simulation Lab


  • Council Bluffs:  Hansen House, Hansen Place
  • Council Bluffs:  Jennie Edmundson hospital and clinic renovations
  • Council Bluffs:  Boys Town National Research Hospital clinic renovations
  • Des Moines: VAMC – New Outpatient Mental Health Building, Renovation to CLC
  • Harlan: Hansen Place
  • Iowa City:  VAMC – Legionella Treatment and Prevention, Steamtraps Replacement, AHU and ERU replacements, Renovate 10th Floor
  • Iowa City: VAMC – Parking Garage Improvements
  • Shenandoah:  Shenadoah Hospital and Clinic Renovations


  • Johnson County: VA – CBOC Design Revision
  • Leavenworth: VAMC – Bldg 153 Laundry Renovation
  • Lawrence: Five Star Senior Living – Master Plan
  • Marysville: Sunflower Community Credit Union
  • Topeka: VAMC – Bldg 24 Renovation for Optometry, MRI Renovation


  • Lexington: VAMC – Renovation of SPS and Logistics


  • Worcester: VA – CBOC Design Revision


  • Duluth: Historic Duluth Armory Renovation
  • Minneapolis: VAMC – Renovation (Building 10)
  • Minneapolis: VAMC – Statement of Conditions Drawings
  • St Cloud: VAMC – As-Builts, Renovation (Building 49), Wayfinding


  • Cape Girardeau: VA – CBOC Design Revision
  • Columbia: VAMC – Reserch Lab Renovation
  • Columbia: Candlelight Lodge – Renovation & Addition
  • Kansas City: VAMC – Radiation Therapy Addition
  • St. Louis: VAMC – Correct Workplace Deficiencies, Asbestos Abatement and Wayfinding


  • Ashland: NEARNG – FMS #5 Sustainment Project
  • Bellevue: Bellevue Public Schools (Bellevue East, Bellevue West, Twin Creek Elementary) renovations
  • Bellevue: Mable Rose Estates renovation
  • Bellevue: Hillcrest Health Plaza (addition and renovation)
  • Columbus: East Central District Health Department (renovations and new construction)
  • Columbus: Columbus Federal Credit Union (new construction)
  • Elkhorn: Indian Creek Office Building (new construction)
  • Elkhorn: Main Street Gallery (historic renovation)
  • Fremont: Fremont Health (new construction)
  • Grand Island: Grand Island Clinic (addition and renovation)
  • Grand Island: VAMC – Dental Clinic renovation, Correct HVAC in SPD, Improve Female Environment, Security Upgrades, Legionella Prevention Study
  • Holdrege: Phelps Memorial Medical Office Building (new construction)
  • Kearney: Trius Federal Credit Union (new construction and renovations)
  • Lincoln: LincOne Federal Credit Union (new construction)
  • Lincoln: VAMC – Site prep for CT Scanner, HVAC Upgrades
  • Lincoln: VA – CBOC Design Revision
  • Mead: NEARNG – CATS-M Airborne Mock-up Tower
  • Mead: NEARNG – CATS-M Airborne Refresher Mock-up Training Facility
  • Mead: NEARNG – CATS-M Storm Shelter
  • Omaha: VAMC – Correct USP 800 Deficiencies
  • Omaha: VAMC – PACU and SEU (Renovation)
  • Omaha: VAMC – PET/SPECT (Renovation)
  • Omaha: VAMC – Dental Clinic, Emergency Department Renovation, Force Protection, Gastro HVAC Renovation, Nuclear Medicine, BSL-3 Research Lab Renovation, Surgery Suite Study, Building 25 Radiology
  • Omaha: Boys Town National Research Hospital – New Behavioral Health Center, hospital renovations, clinic renovations
  • Omaha: Boys Town USA – Master Plan, Palrang Field House renovation, historic Post Office renovation
  • Omaha: CHI / Creighton University Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital – Usher Syndrome Lab, Neonatal ICU Renovation, various renovations
  • Omaha: Children’s Hospital & Medical Center – Carolyn Scott Rainbow House (renovations and new construction), outpatient clinic renovations
  • Omaha: Sunridge Village Retirement Community (new construction)
  • Superior: Brodstone Memorial Hospital and Brodstone Clinic Master Plan, Addition, and Renovations
  • Wayne: NEARNG – RC Sustainment
  • Winnebago: IHS – CT Dept. Renovation, Stairwell Construction

New Jersey

  • Brick: CBOC – Conceptual Design & Bridging Documents

North Carolina

  • Fayetteville: VAMC – MRI Stand-Alone Building

North Dakota

  • Belcourt: IHS – Behavioral Health Addition
  • Fargo: VBA – Regional Office, Space Study & Concept Development
  • Ft Totten: IHS – Dental and Diabetes Clinic Renovation
  • Ft Yates: IHS – Renovation to CT and Mammography


  • Oklahoma City: VAMC – Renovation and Addition of SPS

South Dakota

  • Ft Meade: VAMC – SPS and Endoscopy Study and Plan, Chiller Replacement (Building 113)
  • Pine Ridge: IHS – Radiology Dept. Renovation
  • Rapid City: IHS – Sioux San Hospital ER Dept. Renovations
  • Rosebud: IHS – X-ray Site Prep, CT Site Prep, Radiology Dept. Renovation
  • Sioux Falls: VAMC – Renovate Building 1 Tower


  • San Antonio: VAMC – Backup Chiller Controls Correction

Washington, D.C.

  • Washington, D.C.: VHA – Interior Design Manual


  • Sheridan: VAMC – Geri-Psych Addition, 10-year Master Plan