Calvin L. Hinz Architects | Louisville Care Community
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Louisville Care Community

About This Project

The Louisville Care Community contacted CLH Architects for a face-lift of their original 16,000 SF skilled nursing care facility.

One of the main concerns were the corridor finishes as well as finding a way to change the corridors from “highways to hallways” and create a more home like feel. Floor and wall finishes, handrails and lighting were upgraded to provide the best solutions for a senior environment. While the existing floor plan configuration could not be changed, the environment was greatly improved to be more sensitive to the senior population.

Another major concern for Louisville Care Center was that it would take a year to upgrade the finishes in the bedrooms and corridors because the care center needed to remain open. This was accomplished by doing the construction in eleven phases.

Louisville Care Center was so pleased with our work they commissioned CLH Architects for an 9,984 SF addition and further renovation which continued removal of asbestos-containing materials (ACM’s) in the flooring and ceiling texture.  The new design reconfigured the service areas so the clean and dirty sides of the laundry rooms could be separated with additional room to maneuver carts. It also provided rooms for staff training, equipment storage, and a break room for staff. The addition also holds the main dining room where all residents can receive their meals together with better clearance for wheelchair access. It also provided more natural light and views of surrounding exterior natural areas. As with the original work, this addition and renovation was phased to allow services to continue and to minimize stress for residents.


Senior Living, Housing


Louisville, NE



Total Size:

25,984 SF


  • Homelike environment
  • Natural lighting
  • Low maintenance anti-microbial flooring and finishes
  • Study for current and future needs
  • Phasing to minimize interruption of services
  • Open dining areas


  • Advanced Engineering Services
  • KRS Engineering
  • Shaffer & Stevens
  • TD2
  • AMI Environmental

Renovation: Precision Enterprises, Inc.
Addition: Midwest DCM