Calvin L. Hinz Architects | Project Tips 2018
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Project Tips 2018

08 Jan Project Tips 2018

Welcome 2018! At CLH Architects we want to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. As we progress into what looks like another growth year in the building industry we wanted to give you a few helpful tips to keep your next project on track.

Schedule – When an overall timeline goal is adhered to and regularly tracked, your project has the best chance of being completed on time. Carefully review the architect’s schedule for services and ask for schedules to be updated on a regular basis as your project progresses.

Project Planning – Be sure to take part! Track project deadlines and your own project needs and make sure they are on track with your schedule and communicated often to your architect and team.

Project Management – Identify a representative to speak at planning sessions and project meetings. Make sure this person is actively involved in the entire project and up to date on project changes and progression.

Coordination – If your project requires the involvement of several departments make it clear that your representative is authorized to speak on behalf of each department. Make sure your representative is actively involved with each department and coordinating efforts and ideas between departments and you and your architect. Plan regular meetings throughout the project and encourage/mandate participation. Discuss ideas, agendas and progression. Encourage questions and ideas!

Document – Make certain that communication between your architect and your team be documented and results shared with key members of your project team. If everyone is involved throughout the building process and is aware of changes and milestones your project will continue smoothly.

We hope a few of these ideas help as you begin contemplating your next project and we look forward to working with you in 2018!