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Project Feasibility

As a full-service architectural firm, CLH Architects is often enlisted to provide detailed information on the feasibility / viability of a building concept or idea and on the factors that will affect successful completion of the project. Our architects often explore multiple design approaches or conceptual solutions to arrive at the most optimal plan of development. Project owners can then expect a preliminary project budget that reflects the required scope, quality and building performance characteristics within that budget. Often the project feasibility study will lead to a more in-depth road map or Master Plan, potentially involving life-cycle costing analysis and detailed evaluations of the building construction and project costing information.


The fundamental definition of Architecture is the study of space and form while incorporating natural elements into a physical building shape. During the late 1800’s, Louis Sullivan coined the phrase “form follows function,” but at CLH Architects we believe there is a balance of the two as found in the natural environment. We design functional solutions for each of our client’s unique needs and realize that while a building must be beautiful it must also be safe and function for its intended use. Our designs are rooted in the belief that we’re not designing just another building but a space that is responsive to and improves the lives of those who use and inhabit it.


At CLH Architects, planning is comprised of a needs analysis coupled with professional directives. This is the foundation of a successful project. It is where viewpoints and disciplines are layered into an overarching project goal. We work cohesively with our clients, their customers, and key stakeholders in the planning process.

Project Planning allows us to optimize land use and environmental factors that can have great impact on a project’s sustainability, viability, building efficiency, and cost. Coupled with our team’s experience, we can provide counsel for physical, environmental and economic factors that affect the building process and therefore give the client a proactive vs reactive strategy. CLH Architects adds significant value because we become the client’s advocate in all aspects of the project.

Construction Administration

As a full-service architecture firm, CLH Architects finds value for our clients at all stages of a project. This includes effectively managing the schedule and budget, while conforming to specifications from beginning to end. We are the owner’s representative, providing clear communication between owners and contractors, ensuring quality of materials and craftsmanship while limiting project risks. In concert with the owner, our team works with the contractor to assess value engineering opportunities resulting in cost savings while not inhibiting the function or aesthetics of the project.